What is Qigong?

The word Qigong is a relatively new term coined in the last hundred years but the practice is more than five thousand years old. Qi means "energy" and gong means "practice" so we practice our internal energy through various Qigong forms. Qigong is one of the pillars of East Asian medicine whereby an individual cultivates their inner kingdom through intentional movement, breath work and meditative stillness. Qigong is like a dance; playful, graceful and yet physically and mentally rigorous. It incorporates balance, strength and agility of mind and body. Talking about what Qigong is is as difficult as describing what a strawberry tastes like, you really need to experience it. When your Qi is ordered, your body is able to function efficiently. With the levels of stress, anxiety, pollution, toxins and disease so pervasive in culture today, your Qi is likely chaotic, barely functioning properly. Qigong is a balm for modern living not to mention it is fun, feels good both physically and mentally by keeping your body and brain fit.

Qigong Classes


New Class Series

Jade Woman Qigong

Join Janice in learning Jade Woman Qigong, a preventive and self-healing method for all phases of a woman’s life. This form was designed specifically with the needs of women in mind and it is Master Liu He’s signature Qigong form. Women have a special connection with blood as evidenced with monthly menstrual cycles and have a unique physiology, different from that of men. The phases of a woman’s life require a storehouse of blood to assure normal gynecological function. Pregnancy places an additional strain on the mother’s blood supply and if a woman does not have enough blood, problems arise such as abnormally heavy bleeding, prolonged bleeding, painful periods, infertility, severe menopausal symptoms and even cancers of female reproductive organs. Through increasing and purifying the blood supply by opening Tan Zhong, the secret point identified by Taoists as the source of blood in a woman’s body, qi and blood can flow smoothly, allowing for a healthy gynecological and reproductive system. Jade Woman Qigong is also beneficial for men, supporting the liver and enhancing overall blood circulation. 

At first you practice Qigong and then Qigong practices you
— Master Liu He

Class Dates-starting September 9, 2019

Tuesdays 6-7pm

Class cost

$15 per class or option to purchase a Qigong Qlub card, 10 classes for $100.

What to wear

Loose, comfortable clothing that allows for movement. 

What to bring to class

A yoga mat and a meditation cushion or pillow to sit on is ideal, however, if you do not have these items you can bring anything else you feel comfortable sitting on.

What To Expect

Come with an open mind. If you are a beginner, experienced or already have an existing Qigong practice, fantastic! Everyone is welcome. Each person brings their own unique life experiences to the practice and Qigong helps uncover what lies buried deep inside. Qigong is like cleaning out a closet. Participating in one Qigong class is similar to bringing a bag of old clothing to the thrift store. By releasing old hurts and stuck emotions, you allow for greater space in your life for new experiences. Qigong is an evolutionary practice for unearthing your healing potential and full of surprises, providing an opportunity to discover who you really are.